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About xfplan

Welcome to the home page of xfplan; a freely distributable application (with source code) designed to assist general aviation pilots in creating flight plans for cross country flights in powered aircraft. It was developed primarily for use on systems running the UNIX operating system and the X11 Window System, with particular emphasis on Linux. A mailing list is available for those that want to monitor or participate in fplan development.

xfplan replaces the command-line interface of fplan with a graphics user interface (GUI). The original command-line version of fplan is still available at ibiblio.

xfplan is still in the early stages of development. Basic flightplan functionality is in place, but other functions such as aircraft performance, database maintenance, and so on still need to be written.

Dependency Bug

Xfplan depends on the "libglib1.2" package, but in Debian, that package was renamed "libglib1.2dbl". This caused an install-time error with xfplan.

To fix this, xfplan has been rebuilt under Ubuntu 8. It will likely not install cleanly on older Debian systems. If this is a problem for you, contact the maintainer and we'll see if we can work it out.

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